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About the Client

Riot City Wrestling

Riot City Wrestling are a wrestling promotion based in Adelaide, South Australia. RCW captures the appeal of all ages, ranging from toddlers to grandparents, with a strong following from young adults, and an equal ratio of male and female fans.

The wrestlers are very dedicated to their sport, and train up to 4 times a week at the Riot City Wrestling Academy, with a strong focus on cardio, technique and strength training.

The wrestlers also travel interstate as part of a network of talent exchange RCW has established with various promotions throughout Australia.

WordPress site for wrestling promotion / sports club

About the Design

For this project, we created a custom WordPress theme using the dynamic Divi Visual Editor. Our goal with this design was to promote the RCW Vault, which is effectively a free streaming service where you can watch old and new RCW events. The Vault had been in the works for a long time and required a lot of planning.

The RCW Vault has the ability to filter the wrestling shows by year, venue, recurring event and even by the wrestler. For example, you can select two wrestlers and it will list all shows that the wrestlers were both on together. This level of filtering was integral as RCW have over 300 events in their history, which are being added to the site weekly.

There are also pages for each year, each venue and even wrestler, so it’s extremely easy to find the event you’re looking for, or an event that you may have never even heard of! We wanted to keep the design simple and using the RCW colours, which are white, charcoal/black and green. Each event is put into a box that changes colour when you hover over it. 

RCW are on a WordPress Website Care Plan to keep their site updated, secure, backed up and performing at its best.

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