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About the Client

South State Food & Beverage

Since 1998, Australian owned South State have been producing quality alcoholic beverages. They have exploded onto the international alcoholic beverage market and now enjoy the position of an aggressive global beverage entrepreneur.

South State have multiple alcoholic drinks on the market, including:

Long Island Tea, Margarita KlassiK, Tequila Slamma, Bootleg Alcoholic Root Beer, Ice T Alcoholic Peach Ice Tea, Vodka Q: Blu Fruit Tingle & Raspberry, 8.4 Extra Strong Premium Apple Cider and DNA Spiked Water & Citrus.

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About the Design

For this project, we created a custom WordPress theme using the dynamic Divi Visual Editor. Our goal with this design was primarily to advertise South State’s product range, particularly their three most popular drinks: Margarita, Long Island Tea and Tequilla Slamma.

We did this by including high quality images of these products throughout the page and including automatically rotating sliders, parallax sections and then featuring the three products as the first ones listed in the product section.

South State also wanted to emphasise the ability for a company to distribute their products, as well as wholesaling their products too. These two sections are featured before the full product list. We chose to go with a dark theme as it fit the vibe of the brand perfectly. The green from the logo is also featured prominently, especially as the button colour.

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