New WordPress Website for Artini Crash Repairs

Taking a deeper dive into our recent web design project with Artini Crash Repairs.

Hey everyone! For those who don’t know me, I’m Andrew the lead web designer at Website Boss. Today I wanted to take the time to talk about an excellent recent project we completed for Artini Crash Repairs

Since opening in 1995, Artini Crash Repairs have been providing high-quality crash repair services and vehicle advice. They were looking for a new website that more appropriately reflected their new branding, conveyed their expertise, and was built on a platform that was user friendly any easy to use, given as their previous website was hard to update.

The Build.

As their previous developers opted to use an older builder the back end of the website was clunky and challenging to make simple updates. Website Boss have been using a website builder called Divi for the last half-decade, to stunning results. We find the visual builder is both perfect for wonderful web designs and for clients to take charge of their own website.

Though Artini Crash Repairs wanted a new website they still mostly wished to use the existing content from their previous site. For us, this works excellently for speed and efficiency. Waiting for content and images can be one of the largest holdups with site creation. While having the RIGHT content on your site is vital for its success, and using existing content it allows us to build the site far quicker. Text can always be updated later!

The new website coincided with a new logo, so we wanted to make sure this was really featured and considered for the new design. We opted to highlight the ‘Port Adelaide turquoise’ as much as we could, tying in the branding and the locally familiar association with this colour scheme. By adding blue to the drop shadows of most of the images on the site they were able to “pop” off the screen more, which the client really loved!


Communication is crucial to any good relationship and allows us to work quickly and efficiently. As Artini were a client of our long time partner Orbitel, we knew they would be excellent to work with and excited to provide valuable feedback when necessary. 

When you engage Website Boss to build your new website, we provide two major revisions of each page. We send off the first revision when we’re happy with how things look and we feel we’ve met the brief but want to give you an option to oversee things. We all know that creative elements can be subjective!

I chose to visit Artini Crash Repairs in person before the final edits, meeting their fantastic staff and the owner of the business, Sam. I went to see them because they required a few image changes but I took the opportunity to teach the staff how to edit and update the site, so they could make small quick changes themselves should they need to. Website Boss provides VIP Care Plans which keep your site updated, but we can also provide tutorials, or in-person training to help you edit your own site, without needing us to make simple updates.  Once I had met with Sam, we got the final images updated, a few little tweaks based on their feedback, and we were ready to go!

The Result.

What resulted was a small but fantastic website, showcasing the talent of the Artini Crash Repairs team and provided quickly for an affordable price. I really enjoyed working on this project and being able to collaborate with similarly passionate people about their business is always a pleasure!

If you’d like to experience how headache-free a new website build can be, be sure to contact us.

Andrew Conley | Lead Web Designer at Website Boss Click to view LinkedIn profile