Why You Need Good Website Hosting

Jun 29, 2022 | Hosting, Security, SEO, Website Design

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Shouldn’t I just get the cheapest hosting I can find?

Not all website hosting providers are created equal.

Cheap hosting is great for getting your site online. Until you need help and need to wait 3hrs for a chat window to open or only an American phone number to call costing you hundreds of dollars. Or your site is slow with no explanation, or your account is cancelled without warning.

These are all things both our clients and ourselves have experience din the past before we discovered Siteground. And while this post isn’t purely a promo piece for them, I can see that I’ve tried more than 10 different “big” hosting companies over the years and nothing even comes close to the tools, performance, but most of all the support provided by the Siteground team.

Here are the reasons why:

1. Reliability

First and foremost, you want your website hosting to be reliable. Cheap hosts keep their costs down by fitting as many different websites on a shared server as possible, so your site is actually hosted with many other sites. The behaviour, traffic, security and performance of those other sites can all impact your site.

By paying a bit more for hosting, you reduce the number of other sites on your shared plan, or for a bit more money, not even be on a shared plan, and have your own hosting.

You want your site to be online 100% of the time, and having a good host with good infrastructure and good resources will mean that it will close to that. No host guarantees 100% but many guarantee 99.99%!

If you site does goe down, well that brings me to my next point – support.

2. Support

If you have ever had to contact server support in your life on a cheap hosting provider, then you’ll know why this is so important. Delays of up to 3 hours, customer services staff with no technical knowledge who can’t help get things back online and are just gateways to …

3. Tools

If you site does go down, well that brings me to my next point – support. Being able to set up a new email, restore a backup, update plugins and WordPress, adjust the versions of the the software you’re using in just a few clicks are all perks of a good web host.

Siteground has gone one step further and created their own Sitetools dashboard making the clunky, nerdy old Cpanel interface fo many other hosting companies obsolete and giving you a much nicer experience to set up and work with your host.

4. Security

If you site does go down, well that brings me to my next point – support.

5. Efficiency

If you site does go down, well that brings me to my next point – support.

6. Speed & Storage

A good host will make sure you have a lot of bandwidth for data transfer and also large amounts of storage, meaning it’s rare for you to reach your storage limit and need to upgrade to a higher plan.

Cheap hosts can throttle your traffic and have minimal storage meaning pretty soon you’re going to have to upgrade your plan anyway to get better performance.

7. Optimised for WordPress

Not all web hosting is specifically optimised to make WordPress as fast and secure as possible. Because we only build wordpress websites, we will only ever use optimised wordpress hosting to keep our sites safe secure and up to date with the latest versions of Wordrpess.

8. Choose your data cantre

Have mainly a US or European Audience? Only want to reach people in Australia – a good host will allow you to select a data centre fo your website, which helps both the load speed and the SEO.